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Film, Music Video
About This Project

Starring: Maité Guadarrama
Music: Danny Keane (Inspired by the song “Ajoyo” from the album “Roamin’)

Director and Editor: Ian Roderick Gray
Cinematography: Pablo Rojo
Concept: Ian Roderick Gray and Pablo Rojo
Camera Assistant and Gimbal Operator: Arturo Lavariega
Choreography: Maité Guadarrama and Pablo Rojo
Producer: Lucia Novoa Gil
Executive Producer: Adham Hunt
Sound Designer: Edwin Matthews
Sound Recording: Pablo Novoa
Runner: Santiago Rojo
Dubbing: Decal Audio
Grade: Daniela Rotaru for Glassworks VFX
Production Company: Grayscale Productions
Record Label: MKVA


AJOYO, and how this mini-doc came to be:

As 2020 appeared to hit its bleakest period, and with the impact of COVID 19 being felt around the world,
Musician Danny Keane, Director Ian Roderick Gray, Cinematographer Pablo Rojo and Dancer Maité Guadarrama, separated both geographically and also as a result of the strict isolation rules brought about by the pandemic, defied the odds and banded together to create “AJOYO”, a film with the objective of bringing people together at a time in which they are very much apart.

Inspired by the music of Danny Keane and specifically the song Ajoyo, Ian wanted to make a film that was a true celebration of the power and universality of rhythm and dance and to show how we are all united by this art form. Dance, borderless and classless, is perhaps the most accessible of all the arts. It is arguably a form of language in its own right that is instinctively understood by all, wherever you are in the world.